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General Information

1. What are travelers rating?

AirCarry works hard to ensure that all of our shoppers have a fantastic experience. Ratings play an important part in ensuring that experience. We recommend our shoppers to rate travelers post the transaction is executed. Traveler’s rating is done on a scale of 1 to 5. Consideration set for traveler’s rating includes the following:

  • On-time delivery: On-time delivery is one of the most important aspects that shoppers base their experience on. Travelers who consistently delivers on time, will have a better rating. However, in case delivery is delayed due to something outside of a traveler’s control, it is vital that traveler’s keep the shopper updated about the scenario, to avoid an adverse rating

  • Communication: Great customer experience rests on excellent communications between shoppers and travelers. Travelers who communicate and update customers effectively will have a better rating. On the other hand, rude and slow communication results in a adverse traveler’s rating

  • Cancellation: Shoppers consistently rate ‘cancellation of order’ as the most disappointing shopping experience. It is important for travelers to make offers on orders, which you know can be fulfilled in order to avoid cancelling order. Travelers, who cancel orders receive an adverse rating than those who not do.

2. AirCarry is not available in my country

AirCarry is scaling up its operations and working towards growing its community to deliver happiness across the world. Please express your interest and we will inform you as soon as we start operations in your country

3. Is AirCarry Legal?

AirCarry does not pardon or partake in any illegal activity. AirCarry terms and conditions strictly stipulates compliance with local and international laws and regulations. Additionally, we have put in place measures to prevent illegal substance or items from being ordered. Any order that violates our terms and conditions are promptly flagged and removed.

AirCarry is a platform that promotes ‘One-World. One Community’ and helps connect Shoppers and Travelers. Travelers procure the items requested by Shoppers and are thus completely aware of what they are procuring. Further, as per our Terms & Conditions Travelers are required to review the Customs laws and regulations to ensure they abide by the Customs laws and pay taxes/duties where necessary.

4. Is AirCarry free to use?

Yes, it is free to use AirCarry platform. We only collect a small service fees from Requesters upon successful delivery of their orders on AirCarry, to cover transaction fees and operational costs.

5. My account has been compromised, what do I do?

If you suspect that your account has been assessed without your authorization, there is a good chance that your account may be compromised. We recommend that you visit AirCarry website and reset your password at once. Please be sure that your new password is unique to AirCarry. In case you still face any problems, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at contact us .

6. How do I delete my account?

We willbe sad to lose you, but in case you want to delete your account, you shall be required to send a request to our customer service team and we shall facilitate the deletion of your account.

7. How do I report inappropriate or illegal orders placed by Shoppers/Requesters?

AirCarry is a community of likeminded shoppers and travelers, built to help each other. AirCarry has a zero-tolerance policy towards any fraudulent and illegal activity. We encourage the community members, Shoppers and Travelers, to watch out for each other and keep this community safe by flagging any illegal or inappropriate order. Please click on the flag to flag such orders – you will need to be logged into your account for you to flag an order.

8. Can I reschedule my appointment with the Shopper/Traveler?

We advise and encourage you to maintain your appointment and be punctual to meet your Shopper/Traveler at the agreed place. If, due to unavoidable circumstances you need to reschedule the appointment with your Shopper/Traveler, then please inform your Shopper/Traveler well in advance requesting a new appointment.