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1. Who are AirCarry Travelers?

AirCarry travelers is a community of explorers and shopping enthusiast, who will deliver quickly, securely and affordably to your city. You not only get the products conveniently but also get a chance to meet people from all over the world and make amazing friends.

All our Travelersare verified to ensure we adhere to the governing principles on which AirCarry is built.

2. How do I Communicate with my Traveler/Requester?

AirCarry platform allows you to interact with traveler/Requester over the AirCarry messenger - a messaging system available on the AirCarry platformAirCarry hosts a worldwide community of shoppers and travelers. We understand that communication with a traveler is an important aspect of the buying process and experience. Here are guidelines for ensuring effective communication with the travelers:

Pre-order acceptance:

Enter as many details of the Product (you want), as possible. This will allow Travelers to understand what item you have exactly requested

  • Enter detailed description and specification of your product requirement
  • Ensure you provide the website link of the product you require
  • Ensure there is image of your requirement
  • Ensure the price and quantity of the item is entered correctly

Order acceptance

Once your order is placed, potential travelers may reach out to you for clarifications on your order. You will receive notifications about these messages. You will be required to respond to these messages as soon as possible, to give travelers adequate time and information to accept your order. You can chat with the traveler on AirCarry messenger to explain or provide clarity onyour requirement.

Post order acceptance

Yay! your offer is accepted by a traveler. You still need to keep a watch on the messages from the travelers, for updates on your products. The messages will be reflected on your profile in the AirCarry portal. You will also receive notifications on your registered email id requesting you to respond to such emails.

Important points to note:

  • Communication between shoppers and travelers is vital for the AirCarry community to work.
  • Avoid communicating outside AirCarry platform, this will help AirCarry to settle any dispute that may arise.
  • Please respond within24 hours of receiving a message from a Traveler/Requester.
  • In case you face any difficulty communicating with the traveler/Requester, please message our customer support team

3. How does AirCarry work?

AirCarry is your go-to-place to shop for products that aren’t available in your cityor are too expensive to buy locally. You can order and get anything through our amazing community of Travelers in 3simple steps:


4. How do I create an order?

Step 1: Find the product you want at any online store (Amazon, e-Bay etc.) and paste the URL link on the home page/order screen.

Step 2: Fill in other details such as the Country From where you want the product, preferred date of delivery, and city in which you want it to be delivered. AirCarry will auto calculate estimated fees and other associated costs; which will help you to receive delivery offers quickly. Once you have confirmed your order, it will be posted on AirCarry platform, and will be open for travelers to make offer. You don’t need to make any payment until you are ready to accept an offer made by a Traveler.

Please head to our Shop Globally page which has more detailed information on how to create an order .

Before posting any order, please review the list of items not to order on AirCarry

5. What can I order on AirCarry?

AirCarry is your go-to-place to shop for products that aren’t available in your cityor are too expensive to buy locally. You can order and get anything through our amazing community of Travelers. Many Shoppers order items from the following online stores: Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Macys, Apple, Sephora, Nordstrom, eBay, Nike, Gucci and Louis Vuitton and among others.

Items can include baby products, make-up, cosmetics, tech gadgets, clothes, snacks etc.

What NOT to Order

  • You should not order any item that is illegal in your country or the country you want it from.
  • Avoid ordering large and bulky items, as it may not receive any delivery offers, since it is difficult to be carried by Travelers.

Please review our Terms of Use agreement to get the extensive list of items that you should NOT be requesting on AirCarry.

Remember, with AirCarry, you are connecting with a real person, who will buy, carry and deliver your product. Our travelers should be able to conveniently carry the product requested.

6. Can I request multiple items in one order?

You cannot request multiple items in one order, but you can request multiple quantity of the same item. Travelers will be able to see all your order requests and make a competitive delivery offer so they can deliver all your orders and earn better delivery offer rewards.

If you want multiple different items then pleasecreate multiple orders, and you can message the traveler who has sent you adelivery offer to let them know that you have other orders that they can bid on.

7. My order has no delivery offers.

This can happen due to various reasons, some of them being:

  • Not enough travelers heading to your city
  • Delivery date is too early for travelers to purchase your product
  • Product is difficult to buy, pack and deliver
  • Product is not available at the price posted by you.

8. I received a delivery offer, what should I do next?

Once the delivery offer is made, if you are happy with the offer then you should review and accept the offer as promptly as you can. It will help the traveler to buy your item on time before their trip. Prompt acceptance of offers also motivates travelers to make more delivery offers.

You can also request the Traveler to deliver your other orders (if any).

9. Do I have to accept a delivery offer?

No, you don’t need to accept a delivery offer if you are not happy with the total price or delivery date. However, once you have accepted an offer, you are liable to the payment of your order and the associated fees.

If you have any questions about an offer made by a Traveler, then please clarify with the Traveler through AirCarry messenger/chat.

10. When am I charged for my order? When do I pay for my order?

When you accept a delivery offer from a Traveler, you will be provided with the option to pay either through your credit/debit card or your PayPal account for the total amount of the order. This amount will be held by our Payment gateway in a secure account and will be released to the Traveler only after you confirm the receipt of your requested item on the AirCarry platform.

The payment includes: Price of product + Traveler’s Delivery Offer(inclusive of Customs taxes)+ AirCarry servicefees.

11. Why do I need to pay in advance?

This is required for the protection of you and your traveler. Payment in advance provides comfort and assures Travelers of getting the money they have spent on purchasing your requested item and their fees for the effort she/he puts on getting you your product.

Your payment is kept in a secure account and is released to the traveler only after you confirm on AirCarry platform the receipt of product.

12. How should I make the payment?

You can make payments using your credit/debit cardor through yourPayPal account.

13. Is my banking information kept private?

We do not store any of your Credit/Debit card information in our systems – we will not have any visibility to your card info. For all card related transactions, you are taken directly to our Payment processing companies – SquareUP or PayPal as per your choice. If you have provided your bank account information, then it is stored safely in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure (a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations).All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers.

14. Why is there a service fee?

AirCarry charges a service fees to provide for the transaction and development fees of the AirCarry platform. This includes Payment processor fees, costs associated with running operations and providing support among other business expenses.

15. What is a traveler’sdelivery offer?

Traveler’s Delivery Offer/Fee is the amount you pay for the effort put in by your traveler to deliver your product; which is also inclusive of all the customs taxes and duties to be paid by your Traveler in carrying your requested item. Traveler needs to procure, transport and deliver your item, which requires significant effort and cost.

16. My traveler is not responding

As per AirCarry guidelines, your traveler should reply to your messages within 48 hours and contact you at least 24 hours before their arrival to coordinate delivery details. If your traveler has not responded to you after your multiple attempts, then please reach out to our customer support team

17. My traveler didn’t show up

If the traveler didn’t show up on the agreed date and time, send them a message via AirCarry Platform to see if there were some unavoidable circumstances for your Traveler and setup an alternate time.

Per AirCarry guidelines, your traveler should reply to your messages within 48 hours and contact you at least 24 hours before their arrival to coordinate delivery details. If your traveler has not responded to you after your multiple attempts, please reach out to our customer support team

If your traveler has not communicated a change in his/her plans for up to 5 days, you are eligible to cancel your Order. Please reach out to our customer service team to facilitate your cancellation. We will work on connecting you with another traveler who can deliver your order at the earliest.

18. Can my traveler ship or courier my product to me?

We are a community and encourage Requesters and Travelers to meet in person for delivery of the order. In case you and your traveler choose to ship product via a courier or third-party service, AirCarry shall not be responsible for any damage or issues in delivery.

19. I want to cancel my order

If you have not accepted any delivery offer, you can cancel the order.However, once you have accepted anoffer, we will securely hold your payment until you receive the item.

20. What happens if my traveler cancels my order?

It is very rare that a traveler cancels the order after an offer has been accepted. If a traveler cancels the order, we will work on matching your order with another traveler, so that you get your product by your preferred delivery dates.

Once a Traveler cancels your order, we will refund your money into your AirCarry wallet and your Order will now be visible to all Travelers to make an offer. Your wallet money will be used to pay for your Orders.

Additionally, you may also cancel your order on the order page and request for a full refund.

21. My order arrived broken, damaged, incomplete or without packaging

As a Shopper, you can accept or reject the product, if you find the condition of item not satisfactory (broken, damaged, wrong color). Make sure you inspect your item before confirming delivery.

A Traveler will need to seek your approval to not bring the requested item/order in its original packaging, since many times the packaging material might be bulky and take up lot of the baggage space of the Traveler.

It should be noted that AirCarry is not responsible for any damaged item. We encourage travelers to purchase travel insurance to cover damages due to lost luggage etc.

22. Why should I communicate and pay through AirCarry?

Communicating through AirCarry platform will ensure that your money is safe and will enable AirCarry to help resolvingany disputesthat may arise. It protects both shoppers and travelers alike.

23. What are the custom duties and who is responsible for it?

Information links related to Custom Taxes and duties for some of the frequently traveled countries are posted below. AirCarry is a trusted community of Shoppers and Travelers and it is a requirement for both parties of this community to adhere to and abide by the governing laws of the respective countries including Customs laws and regulations.

Here are customs regulations overviews for some of thecountries:

  • Argentina customs regulations can be accessed here.
  • Brazil customs regulations can be accessed here.
  • China customs regulations can be accessed here.
  • India's customs regulations can be accessed here.
  • Peru customs regulations can be accessed here.
  • Russian customs regulations can be accessed here.
  • United States customs regulations can be accessed here.

Custom duties are charged on imported goods and may vary by country. Many a times there are certain exemptions in certain countries that allow you to bring certain items and/or items up to a certain value into the country without being charged duty.

We encourage the Traveler to be fully aware of the necessary taxes and pay such taxes to the respective authorities. Such taxes should be included in the delivery offer made by the Traveler and communicated to the Requester.

Since Custom rules & regulations of certain countries are complicated and unpredictable; some Requesters agree via AirCarry messaging system to reimburse Travelers for customs fees in person upon delivery of the requested item and upon presenting copies of receipts for the duties paid. This agreement may be made between the Traveler and the Requester on the AirCarry messaging system prior to delivery of the item – AirCarry cannot be a party to such agreements.

Please note AirCarry is not liable or responsible for any violation of customs regulations made by Traveler.

24. Is there a list of prohibited goods or product?

What NOT to Order

  • You should not order any item that is illegal in your country or the country you want it from.
  • Avoid ordering large and bulky items, as it may not receive any delivery offers, for it is difficult to transport.

Remember, with AirCarry, you are connecting with a real person, who will buy, carry and deliver your product. Our travelers should be able to conveniently and lawfully carry the product requested.

Please review our Terms of Use agreement to get the extensive list of items that you should NOT be requesting on AirCarry.

25. What happens when the price of my item has increased?

If your item price has increasedby the time you accept a Traveler’s Delivery Fee/Offer, then it shall be communicated to you by the traveler requesting you to update the product price with the updated/correct price; or your Traveler can include the increased/differential amount in their Delivery offer to you.


1. Can I trust my Shopper?

Yes; Shoppers are an integral part of the AirCarry community and are expected to place genuine requests/orders for which they intend to pay. Once a Shopper accepts an offer her/his account is charged for the total amount to ensure that the Traveler gets paid soon after the delivery of the requested item. Please remember to meet your Requester in a public place to deliver the requested item and the associated receipt.

2. What if the price of the item changes after my delivery offer is accepted?

Please cancel the delivery offer and ask your Shopper to repost the order with updated price. Shopper should then share the link of the new order with you and you will now be able to make a new delivery offer .

3. How does AirCarry work?

Please view the following pages and the video here:

4. Am I allowed to cancel a Delivery Offer after a shopper accepts my delivery offer?

You cannot cancel a Delivery offer 24 hours prior to the Delivery Date.

AirCarry community expects the Traveler to deliver the order once an offer has been accepted. AirCarry is a community which thrives on Trust, safety & honoring the commitment between the Requesters & Travelers.

In an unfortunate event where you must cancel the order due to change in travel plans or for medical conditions/family emergencies then please inform your Requester immediately to keep them aware your trip changes/cancellation.

5. What should I do if Shoppers arenot accepting my delivery offer?

Please message the Shoppers/Requesters about the offer you have made. Requesters tend to accept delivery offers from Travelers who communicate with them and keep them updated about the delivery of the order.

If Shoppers are still not accepting your offer, then please review your offer to ensure it is being delivered prior to Shoppers preferred date and if your offer price is competitive. There could be other Travelers who might have made a competitive offer on the same order at a lower Delivery Fee.

6. My delivery offer was accepted. What now?

Hurray! Please clarify on all your questions with the Requester about the product to be purchased – size, color & any other specs. Please purchase the requested product with your money at the earliest to ensure you can carry the product with you on your trip. Once you have purchased the product please upload the receipt on AirCarry and share it with the Requester which ensures that you have bought a genuine overseas product as desired by the Requester.

Few days (at least 24 hours) prior to your travel, please confirm with your Requester on a public place and time to meet for handing over the purchased product. Ensure that your Requester reviews and accepts the product in your presence and updates the same on her/his profile on AirCarry. This will ensure that you receive your money on time.

7. Why do I need to buy my shopper’s item?

This is to ensure that you are fully aware of the item that you are carrying on your travels and is a safer option than carrying an item that has been handed over to you by someone else.

8. Can I withdraw my delivery offer?

You can withdraw your delivery offer until it has not been accepted by a Requester.

If a requester has accepted your offer, then please message the Requester about your inability to deliver the order prior to canceling/withdrawing your delivery offer.

9. How do I contact my shopper?

Please use the AirCarry messenger system to contact your Shopper. We advise you to communicate with your Shopper only through the AirCarry messenger to ensure AirCarry can assist you if there are any disputes with your Shopper.

10. How do I know the item I am delivering is safe to carry?

One of the main reasons for the Traveler to purchase the item is so that You are completely aware of what you are buying. However, please make sure that it can be carried into the country you are traveling to as per their Customs laws & other local regulations. You can find more information on prohibited and restricted items here

11. When do I get paid ?

  • Shopper accepts offer and makes payment

  • Traveler delivers the item to Shopper at agreed date and place.

  • Shopper confirms delivery of item on her/his AirCarry profile.

  • Payout to Traveler within seven (7) business days.

Please ensure you have your correct PayPal id and bank account information on your profile. AirCarry will issue the payout to the Traveler within seven (7) business days from the date the Requester confirms your delivery of the requested order in their AirCarry profile. However, your financial institution may take additional days to process and make it visible in your account.

Depending on the country of Traveler’s residence or chosen financial institution for payment, Traveler will receive a direct deposit in their bank account or through their PayPal account.

12. Am I paid in Local currency?

Payout currency depends on your country of residence or bank account. Although AirCarry operates in USD if your bank account is outside of USA then the USD will be converted into local currency, based on exchange rate, prior to being deposited into your bank account.

13. My payout didn’t go through?

If your payout didn’t go through, then it could be due to incorrect payout information; like an incorrect account number or routing number. Incorrect payout information will delay processing of your payments. Please contact our support team so we can assist you with this issue.


14. What if my shopper refuses to pay me?

If you have delivered the order as per the Shopper’s request, then the Shopper cannot refuse to pay. AirCarry charges Shoppers credit/debit card and the money is held in a safe account by our Payment Gateway provider soon after a Shopper has accepted a delivery offer. Once the Traveler delivers the order and is accepted by the Shopper funds are released to Traveler’s account.

15. The item doesn’t fit in my suitcase?

Please ensure before making an offer that the item fits into your travel bag. If the item with its packaging doesn’t fit into your suitcase/travel bag, then please message the Requester asking for a confirmation to deliver the item without its original packaging (purchase receipt or bill should still suffice to confirm the authenticity of a genuine new item been purchased). Once you have the confirmation from the Requester please remove original packaging and carry the item. But, please ensure that the item doesn’t get damaged or has any scratches on it in the absence of the original packaging.

16. What happens if my shopper cancels the order?

Shopper is not allowed to cancel the order after they have accepted your offer.

17. My Shopper wants me to cancel the order but I already bought their item

If you have already bought the item then you are not obligated to cancel your delivery offer. AirCarry has collected the money for this order from the Shopper and will transfer the relevant funds to your account upon delivery of the order to your Shopper.

18. What happens if I incur extra expenses purchasing or delivering the product?

Travelers need to anticipate and calculate all customs fees and taxes ahead of time and include such additional costs into the delivery offer you are making to the Shopper.

As stated in our Terms of Use and in various sections on this website related to Customs duties, it is the sole responsibility of the Traveler for all and any customs fees associated with the item they are delivering.

19. What if my shopper doesn’t show up?

If your shopper doesn’t show up, then please message them through the messenger system on AirCarry to schedule a new time and place. Your Shopper has already paid for the order, so it is in their best interest to show up to collect the item. If your shopper has not responded to you after several attempts, then please contact our team so we can assist you.

If the Shopper doesn’t show up to collect their requested item even after 5 days of agreed meeting date then as per our Terms of Use, we will transfer your funds to your designated account.

20. Where do I meet my shopper?

It is up to you and your Shopper to agree a time and place to meet for the delivery of the requested item. We recommend the Traveler to meet Shoppers in public place like your hotel lobby or a coffee shop; this will ensure safety of all parties. You are not expected to deliver the item to your Shopper’s home.

21. Can I use a courier service to deliver my shopper’s order?

AirCarry is a community built to help Shoppers and Travelers and AirCarry is not a courier service. We recommend delivering the item in person for safety reasons and to ensure the item is not damaged or lost in the process of shipping.

Payment related FAQ

1. What methods of payment does AirCarry accept?

AirCarry accepts all major credit and debit cards.

AirCarry has partnered with SquareUp and PayPal. You can pay using any of the major credit cards like Visa, Master card, Discover, American Express or through your PayPal id. Using your PayPal account, you can even pay from your bank account.

Travelers, for all your payouts please ensure you have the correct PayPal email id associated with your AirCarry account.

2. What is AirCarry’s money back guarantee?

You can shop with AirCarry knowing that If you don’t receive your item, we will refund your money.

You are covered by AirCarry’s money back guarantee when:

  • You don’t receive your item
  • Your item is damaged or broken when you receive it from your Traveler

Transparency, Trust, Safety and our Community is at the core of everything we do – this is what bonds our Shoppers and Travelers. You can shop worry-free knowing that all our Shoppers and Travelers are here to help each other.

If you have any issue with your order after you have accepted and confirmed the delivery on AirCarry, then please contact your Traveler on AirCarry messenger. Our Travelers are advised to work with Requesters to resolve any issues with the deliveries. In the rare event that your issue doesn’t get resolved through the Traveler then please contact our customer support team who is available 24/7 to support the AirCarry community.

Following are some tips to ensure you get your requested item and so we can assist you:

  • Immediately check your item to ensure it is not damaged: When you accept the delivery from your Traveler at a public place, please take some time to check the item in the presence of the Traveler. This will ensure that the Traveler is witnessing your inspection of the item. Once you are satisfied that the requested item has been delivered please go to your AirCarry profile and mark the item as received.
  • Request for Proof of purchase/receipts/invoice for your requested item: Travelers are expected to upload a copy of the receipt/invoice of the purchased itemon the AirCarry platform. Please ensure you have seen the receipt prior to the item delivery – this would also confirm that you are receiving a genuine new item specifically purchased as per your order.
  • Always communicate through AirCarry messenger: Communicating on AirCarry messenger ensures that all communications are verifiable in the rare event that anybody breaks our Terms of Use. This will help us in better assisting with your issues.
  • Only order items that are allowed as per your country’s Customs laws& Regulations: You should not order any item that is illegal to bring into your country or doesn’t adhere to AirCarry’s Terms of Use.

3. Can I pay with my local currency?

Yes. Using your credit or debit card you can pay in your local currency during checkout. But please note that this will eventually be converted to USD and your card/bank might charge you for currency conversion.

4. I don’t have a PayPal account can I still get paid?

Yes. Please ensure you have provided your bank account details and mentioned the country of your bank in the payout section of your profile. If you are using your PayPal account, then please ensure you have a valid PayPal account and you have entered the correct PayPal id.

5. I want to reject/dispute the charges on my credit/debit card.

If you feel that you are to be refunded for an order, then please contact our Customer support team before raising a dispute with your bank. AirCarry Customer support team will work with you to resolve your payment issue. AirCarry is a community built to help Shoppers and Travelers alike and hence would like to support and maintain the Trust & Integrity of the community. Please provide us with the necessary information to assist you.

6. Why should we communicate and have all financial transactions (payment and Pay out) through AirCarry?

AirCarry is a community that thrives on trust, safety and reliability amongst Shoppers and Travelers. In order to safeguard yourself from fraudulent shoppers/travelers we advise you to communicate and conduct all financial transactions through AirCarry. If there are any disputes between Shoppers and Travelers, then AirCarry will only be able to assist if all communications and payments/payouts were made on the AirCarry profile. As per the Terms of Use agreement you have accepted on AirCarry it is also a requirement for you to make all payments on AirCarry and to not use AirCarry for transactions outside of this platform.

7. What do I do if my credit card doesn’t work?

AirCarry accepts all major Credit and Debit Cards (Master, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners) and PayPal. Please use any of these options to make a payment.