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Payment related FAQ

1. What methods of payment does AirCarry accept?

AirCarry accepts all major credit and debit cards.

AirCarry has partnered with SquareUp and PayPal . You can pay using any of the major credit cards like Visa, Master card, Discover, American Express or through your PayPal id. Using your PayPal account, you can even pay from your bank account.

Travelers, for all your payouts please ensure you have the correct PayPal email id associated with your AirCarry account.

2. What is AirCarry’s money back guarantee?

You can shop with AirCarry knowing that If you don’t receive your item, we will refund your money.

You are covered by AirCarry’s money back guarantee when:

  • You don’t receive your item

  • Your item is damaged or broken when you receive it from your Traveler

Transparency, Trust, Safety and our Community is at the core of everything we do – this is what bonds our Shoppers and Travelers. You can shop worry-free knowing that all our Shoppers and Travelers are here to help each other.

If you have any issue with your order after you have accepted and confirmed the delivery on AirCarry, then please contact your Traveler on AirCarry messenger. Our Travelers are advised to work with Requesters to resolve any issues with the deliveries. In the rare event that your issue doesn’t get resolved through the Traveler then please contact our customer support [x1] team who is available 24/7 to support the AirCarry community.

Following are some tips to ensure you get your requested item and so we can assist you:

  • Immediately check your item to ensure it is not damaged: When you accept the delivery from your Traveler at a public place, please take some time to check the item in the presence of the Traveler. This will ensure that the Traveler is witnessing your inspection of the item. Once you are satisfied that the requested item has been delivered please go to your AirCarry profile and mark the item as received.

  • Request for Proof of purchase/receipts/invoice for your requested item:Travelers are expected to upload a copy of the receipt/invoice of the purchased item on the AirCarry platform. Please ensure you have seen the receipt prior to the item delivery – this would also confirm that you are receiving a genuine new item specifically purchased as per your order.

  • Always communicate through AirCarry messenger: Communicating on AirCarry messenger ensures that all communications are verifiable in the rare event that anybody breaks our Terms of Use. This will help us in better assisting with your issues.

  • Only order items that are allowed as per your country’s Customs laws & Regulations: You should not order any item that is illegal to bring into your country or doesn’t adhere to AirCarry’s Terms of Use.

3.Can I pay with my local currency?

Yes. Using your credit or debit card you can pay in your local currency during checkout. But please note that this will eventually be converted to USD and your card/bank might charge you for currency conversion.

4.I don’t have a PayPal account can I still get paid?

Yes. Please ensure you have provided your bank[x2] account details and mentioned the country of your bank in the payout section of your profile. If you are using your PayPal account, then please ensure you have a valid PayPal account and you have entered the correct PayPal id.

5.I want to reject/dispute the charges on my credit/debit card.

If you feel that you are to be refunded for an order, then please contact our Customer support [x3] team before raising a dispute with your bank. AirCarry Customer support team will work with you to resolve your payment issue. AirCarry is a community built to help Shoppers and Travelers alike and hence would like to support and maintain the Trust & Integrity of the community. Please provide us with the necessary information to assist you.

6.Why should we communicate and have all financial transactions (payment and Pay out) through AirCarry?

AirCarry is a community that thrives on trust, safety and reliability amongst Shoppers and Travelers. In order to safeguard yourself from fraudulent shoppers/travelers we advise you to communicate and conduct all financial transactions through AirCarry. If there are any disputes between Shoppers and Travelers, then AirCarry will only be able to assist if all communications and payments/payouts were made on the AirCarry profile. As per the Terms of Use agreement you have accepted on AirCarry it is also a requirement for you to make all payments on AirCarry and to not use AirCarry for transactions outside of this platform.

7. What do I do if my credit card doesn’t work?

AirCarry accepts all major Credit and Debit Cards (Master, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners) and PayPal. Please use any of these options to make a payment.