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How do I Communicate with my Traveler/Requester?

AirCarry platform allows you to interact with traveler/Requester over the AirCarry messenger - a messaging system available on the AirCarry platform AirCarry hosts a worldwide community of shoppers and travelers. We understand that communication with a traveler is an important aspect of the buying process and experience. Here are guidelines for ensuring effective communication with the travelers:

Pre-order acceptance:

Enter as many details of the Product (you want), as possible. This will allow Travelers to understand what item you have exactly requested

  • Enter detailed description and specification of your product requirement.

  • Ensure you provide the website link of the product you require.

  • Ensure there is image of your requirement.
  • Ensure the price and quantity of the item is entered correctly

Order acceptance

Once your order is placed, potential travelers may reach out to you for clarifications on your order. You will receive notifications about these messages. You will be required to respond to these messages as soon as possible, to give travelers adequate time and information to accept your order. You can chat with the traveler on AirCarry messenger to explain or provide clarity on your requirement.

Post order acceptance

Yay! your offer is accepted by a traveler. You still need to keep a watch on the messages from the travelers, for updates on your products. The messages will be reflected on your profile in the AirCarry portal. You will also receive notifications on your registered email id requesting you to respond to such emails.

Important points to note:

  • a. Communication between shoppers and travelers is vital for the AirCarry community to work.
  • b. Avoid communicating outside AirCarry platform, this will help AirCarry to settle any dispute that may arise.
  • c. Please respond within 24 hours of receiving a message from a Traveler/Requester.
  • d. In case you face any difficulty communicating with the traveler/Requester, please message our customer support team.