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Safety & Guarantee

AirCarry is a global community of Shoppers & Travelers. For everyone to have the best experience on AirCarry, we have set certain ‘checks & balances’ in place and expect Shoppers and Travelers to follow certain etiquette while interacting with the community members. This will ensure safety of our community and a more joyous experience for all.

2-step Profile Verification

AirCarry performs a 2-step profile verification for all its members. Everyone registering on AirCarry will be asked to verify their account through their email and SMS. Apart from helping in authenticating an individual’s account; this 2-step profile verification also helps to protect our community from fake accounts and spam. Please note that your email address and phone numbers will be kept private. We will use this information to contact you about your order or offer.

AirCarry Messenger – Traveler & Shopper Communication

We highly recommend Traveler & Shopper to communicate with each other using only AirCarry messenger. This would also enable us to assist you in case of any delivery/order issues.

Meet & Greet

We recommend Travelers and Shoppers to meet in a public place, like a café or hotel lobby, to take delivery of the order. Please use AirCarry messenger to communicate and confirm on your meeting.

Denied Products

We highly recommend and advice both Shoppers and Travelers to ensure they are not posting orders or offers for products that are not allowed to be imported into the destination city by the local customs and regulations. This ensures that the Travelers are not losing their money due to such products getting confiscated by Customs department.


All AirCarry community members should hold oneself to the highest etiquette to ensure they are creating a safe and friendly experience to your fellow community members – the shoppers and travelers.

Mutual Respect

One of the governing principles of AirCarry is Trust, and trust is built on mutual respect. We expect all AirCarry community members to treat each other with mutual respect. While you are communicating with your shopper or traveler please be respectful.

Quick Response

Nobody likes to wait! Please ensure you are responding to your shopper or traveler’s messages at the earliest (no later than 36 hours) on the AirCarry messenger.

  • Shoppers :Your traveler is waiting on you to confirm the offer. Once you have accepted the offer, please answer your traveler’s questions at the earliest since your order delivery is dependent on your response. Your traveler might be on a tight schedule before she/he gets to your city and your quick response will help the traveler to purchase the right product that you have requested.
  • Traveler : Your shopper is eagerly waiting to receive updates from you on their order. Please keep your shopper updated on their order by posting pictures of the product purchased along with the picture of the receipt. Please confirm on the meeting place 24 hours prior to your arrival to ensure prompt delivery of the order.

Keep it Safe

AirCarry provides a 2-step profile verification, secure payments through our Payment gateway partners and a 24x7 customer support to help with your orders/deliveries and protect you from fraudulent activities. You are also expected to do your part to keep this community safe by keeping all payments and communication on the AirCarry platform.

Updated Profile

Always have a completed profile to get the most out of this wonderful community. Shoppers tend to accept offers from Travelers with a profile photo and likewise, it’s the same for Travelers accepting orders from Shoppers. Ensure your email address, phone number and payment details are always current – such information are kept private, so be in peace!

AirCarry Guarantee

You can always shop peacefully with AirCarry knowing that if you don’t receive your requested item, then we will refund your money. AirCarry uses secure payment systems and your money is safe with AirCarry.


Pay online securely using your Credit/Debit cards through our trusted Payment Gateway partners


Your money will be safely held by our trusted Payment Gateway partners until your product is delivered.


Travelers will be paid after Shopper confirms delivery of the product.


We do not store your Credit/Debit card information in our systems to ensure 100% protection to you.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

AirCarry has a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of fraudulent or illegal activity. We may take disciplinary action on any user who tries to diminish trust or safety in the community – if a user is involved in spamming accounts, intentionally cancelling multiple orders or deliveries or transacting outside of AirCarry!