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Shop from anywhere in the world. There should not be any boundaries to experience happiness.

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Experience shopping beyond boundaries with AirCarry. The life of an Early Adopter is borderless. When you shop with AirCarry, you are expanding your horizons to include the entire globe. Sometimes international products, and new releases can be hard to come by in your city or region. Take for example, limited edition makeup from Chanel or MAC. You may want to have access to the new release that only exists in Paris or USA. Join our community of shoppers and get your hands on these items ASAP.

AirCarry’s core belief is that we live in one interconnected world. Our community brings together shoppers and travelers from around the world and unites them with a Guaranteed Delivery Promise. The days of waiting for friends and family to come back from an overseas trip with your requested goodies are long gone. Experience the power of guilt free, obligation free shopping and discover happiness with AirCarry!

Shop Globally in 3 Simple Steps

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    1. Paste your desired product link from the international website and publish your order

    So, you have scoured international websites from Hong Kong to USA. Finally, you have found what you are looking for. Take that link and paste it in to our request box. This will create an order request for travelers to see. You get the unique, rare international product you are craving for, and the traveler earns some cash to offset the shopping expenses & also help pay for some of their travel expenses.

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    2. Receive offers from our registered travelers - review, accept & make payment to confirm the offer that works best for you

    Now that you have posted your request, sit back and watch the offers flood in. AirCarry’s proprietary algorithm will match your request with an international traveler who is heading to your city or region. As a shopper, you will receive multiple offers from travelers competing to deliver your product. Simply select the best offer that matches your needs and complete the order by making the payment. Your payment will be held by the payment processor until your requested item is delivered to you.

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    3. Schedule a meeting with your Traveler to take delivery of your requested item

    Get on to AirCarry messenger and schedule a convenient spot for both of you to meet. Meet the Traveler at the designated location and take delivery of your package. Please review & verify the item against the purchase receipt. We recommend you share your local knowledge with the traveler and tips on local destinations, delicious cuisines, active nightlife locations, and everything else your city has to offer that will make their trip memorable!

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AirCarry is your go-to community whether you want to shop your favorite products from anywhere in the world or you are travelling and want to earn some extra cash! At AirCarry, we work towards delivering happiness.

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All Travelers in AirCarry community are verified before they can make an offer.


Your payment is held securely by the Payment gateway until the product is delivered.


Travelers are paid only after you confirm the delivery of your product.