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With AirCarry you will find a community of like-minded citizens of the world. If you enjoy traversing the globe, discovering new destinations, meeting new and interesting people, then AirCarry is where you belong. It wouldn't hurt to earn a few extra dollars while you are doing it. AirCarry brings you the unique opportunity to make someone happy and get paid at the same time. When you deliver a product to one of our shoppers, you are helping them stay connected to the global world.

We promote the idea that connecting people from around the world is the fastest way to promote the idea of a One-world, One Community – thus, we bring together Shoppers and Travelers across the world. Delivering a product to any one of our excited shoppers will bring joy to everyone. While you are in their city, ask them about local hotspots and things to do. Local residents always provide the best suggestions for things to do and places to see.

Travel & Earn in 3 Simple Steps

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    1. Choose an order that is convenient for you and make a delivery offer

    Search through the list of orders and discover products waiting to be delivered in your destination city. Make a delivery offer for products that interests you, or the ones with the highest potential to offset your travel expenses. The choice is yours! Whatever product you choose, the real profit will come from meeting someone new and sharing experiences.

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    2. Once your offer is accepted, purchase the product

    Once your offer is accepted by the Shopper, make sure your purchase the product well in advance of your travel dates. Keep the receipts of your purchase so you can share it with your Shopper. It is better not to leave things for the last minute. Remember, someone is counting on you to deliver their precious goods.

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    3. Deliver the item to your shopper & Earn your Cash!

    Before you get ready to travel, hop on to AirCarry messenger and work out the most convenient meetup spot for you both. Meet the shopper and deliver the product. More than likely you will have a great time meeting a new person and learning more about local destinations, delicious cuisines, active nightlife locations, and everything else their city has to offer. Get valuable local knowledge that will make your trip even more memorable!

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AirCarry is your go-to community whether you are travelling and want to earn some extra cash, or you want to shop your favorite products from anywhere in the world! At AirCarry, we work towards delivering happiness.

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Orders are accepted from verified users who pay upfront when accepting a delivery offer.


Payments are held securely by the Payment gateway until the product is delivered.


You will receive your payments within 6 business days from the date the product is delivered.